The Fire Starter (Don't Play with Matches on the Sidewalk Cops channel) is the fifth episode of Sidewalk Cops. It aired on June 30, 2015, and features some new objects and people not found in the other episodes. In this episode, Gabe and Micah arrest an arsonist and a boy finds matches and plays with them. He and his friend start a fire at the park and a witness calls the Sidewalk Cops. They launch a drone and capture the boy's accomplice. Then they call officer backup and the backup officer takes her into custody. Later, as Garrett and Asher, the firefighters, fight off the fire and a news channel films at the scene, Gabe and Micah launch the drone again and capture the main arsonist and take him into custody. Then Gabe says "Now that's one more bad driver off the sidewalks!", ending the episode.