Sidewalk Cops 7 (VII) is the seventh episode of Sidewalk Cops, aired on April 8, 2016.

Plot Edit

Gabe pulls over Superman (actually Garrett) who is texting while driving. When stopped, Superman can't resist showing off his skills, but even the greatest superheroes can't evade the law.

Confirmed Characters Edit

The characters are as follows. They were confirmed by a Facebook post from Gabe and Garrett on April 6, 2016.

  • Gabriel (seventh appearance)
  • Garrett (sixth appearance)

Status Edit

Filming for the episode began on December 11, 2015, but was slowed considerably down by schoolwork. During the Christmas break on December 20, filming was able to progress swiftly onwards, but when school began for Gabriel, Micah, and Garrett, shooting the episode was slowed down. The episode, however many delays, was released on April 8, 2016.

Trivia Edit

This is the seventh episode of Sidewalk Cops and the first to air in 2016.

To date, this is the only episode Micah has not appeared in.

This is also the only episode that no new characters debuted.