Sidewalk Cops 2 - The Cell Phoner (II) is the second episode in the YouTube-TV-like series Sidewalk Cops. Aired on December 9, 2012, this episode introduces Garrett for the first time. In this episode, Gabriel and Micah pull over a red Mustang and give Garrett a ticket.

Plot Edit

Micah and Gabriel talk about how people never pay attention on the sidewalk and remark no one can see them from their hiding spot. Garrett, while talking on his cellphone, blows through a stop sign. Micah and Gabriel pursue them until they pull over, and then Gabriel writes Garrett a ticket.

Characters Edit

This episode introduced two characters and kept two.

  • Garrett (debut)
  • Pink Shirt Girl (debut)
  • Gabriel (second appearance)
  • Micah (second appearance)

Trivia Edit Edit

This was the second episode of Sidewalk Cops and the first to air in December.

It has been 3 years, 1 month, and 10 days since this episode as of January 19, 2016.

Garrett debuted in the episode along with Pink Shirt Girl. Pink Shirt Girl was seen later in Sidewalk Cops 3 - The Litterer.

This is the second-shortest episode. It is just 2 minutes and 49 seconds in length.

Only two episodes were aired in 2012, one in April and one in December. The approximate 9-month span between April 12 and December 9 was due to school issues.

The episode introduces Garrett, who was planned to appear in Episode 1 but was cut. Garrett has appeared in every episode ever since.